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Who We Are

TriXster's Mission: To disrupt the status quo of hotrod culture by pushing boundaries, challenging conventions, and building the boldest, and most badass hotrods the world has ever seen. We strive to deliver unmatched craftsmanship, unparalleled innovation, and an unapologetic attitude towards speed, power, and creativity. TriXster is not just a hotrod shop; it's a revolution, a lifestyle, and a relentless pursuit of automotive excellence.

TriXster is a Canadian car culture brand promoting, building, and selling rat rods, hot rods, and restomods. Established in 2021—yet spotlighting everything pre-1980, TriXster delivers through automotive sales, tourism, and education; and by restoring and modifying car history with innovation. Attend a workshop or event in person or online hosted at our converted church to clubhouse. Located an hour south of Ottawa, come by for coffee on our open house days or tune in to our live online feed. Catch our episodes on YouTube for car build design tips and TriX; events and car travel; and, all things' car culture.

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Who Are We

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